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The City Extra concept was developed in 1984 around what we believed the Public wanted, not what we wanted to serve them. A customer driven menu that has served us and our customers well for over 30 years.

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(02) 9241 1422

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365 DAYS

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E4 East Podium, Between Wharf 3 & 4 where the Manly Ferry pulls in, Sydney NSW 2000

Over 30 Years Trading

The City Extra concept was developed in 1984 and has remained a staple of the Sydney Harbour foreshore for over 30 years.

Over 25,000,000 Guests

It’s a staggering number, at last count we had served over 25,000,000 guests. We have served more guests than there are people in Australia!

Over 5000 Staff Employed

A big part of City Extra is it’s staff, we have watched many of our staff go on to do amazing things. Its great to see where everyone ends up in life.


Est. 1984

We found our customers asked to be able to eat at any time from our full menu, so we went to 24-hour trading and made every menu item available at any time of the day or night. This menu and trading style suited the far more complex lifestyle of Sydneysiders, we decided to cater for everyone So whether you are a shift worker, hospital employee, night club staff, student, opera goer, office worker, police officer or ambulance driver (the list goes on) there is always a place to get the meal you want, when you want it (dinner at 5am? not a problem)

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Our Image

We looked for themes that related to as many people as possible. The first was the good old newspaper. 30 years ago, everybody read a newspaper nearly every day. It was one the major forms of communication. Yes, this was before mobile phones. If you look carefully, you will even spot Superman getting changed in a phone booth

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Our Name

We wanted it to be a 24-hour meeting place that was always busy we thought the word “City” best described this. Adding items such as fresh bread and all those wonderful smells, meals made from fresh ingredients on the premises daily, newspapers, flexible dining and always being open. We thought the word “Extra” best covered this

Cicular Quay Cafe

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Incredible Pancakes

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I'll be coming back!

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A Wonderful Restaurant


This is a wonderful restaurant with a large menu and many, many food options, including daily specials. I wasn't sure with this large menu how good the food would be, but it was absolutely delicious. They had a few gluten free options, and I got gluten free bruschetta which was well made and tasty. The duck fat potatoes were crispy and a wonderful special for the day. Overall delicious food, great customer service, would recommend.


Daisy Mae

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Great Vibes


Awesome café. Loved the vibes and the style of it. Had an awesome chai latte with a lot of extra cinnamon 😁

Christin E

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Wide Variety

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A Starting Point

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The Best Customer Service


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All Day Breakfast

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Kid Friendly

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A Breakfast Feast

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The Best Pavlova

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Always Welcoming