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Australia Day

Trading Continuously for over 30 years

The City Extra concept was developed in 1984 around what we believed the Public wanted, not what we wanted to serve them. People asked to be able to eat at any time from the full menu, so we went to 24 hour trading and made every menu item available at any time of the day or night. This suited the far more complex life style of Sydneysiders – shift workers, hospital employees, night club staff, students, opera goers, office workers and so on. We looked for themes that related to as many people as possible. The first was the good old newspaper. 30 years ago everybody read a newspaper nearly every day. It was one the major forms of communication. Yes, this was before mobile phones. We added newsprint uniforms, printed the menu in a newspaper format, covered the carpet with it and even found table tops to match. Building on this theme we added the Superman and the Daily Planet Newspaper cartoon characters. We have a full range of cocktails named after the lead characters. We even have a Superman getting changed in the phone booth.


We wanted to base our menu around an item that appealed to as broad a customer base as possible. We chose bread. Since day one we have made our own crusty white and whole grain huge bread rolls. These are served with many of our dishes, along with a slab of icy butter. The final key to our success has been the addition of so many terrific employees. Over the past 30 years we have employed well over 5,000 wonderful people. For many it was their first job, for others we relied on their experience, and let’s not forget all those “travellers” from every part of the globe. City Extra was designed to be able to accommodate large numbers and seated up to 320 at a time. Our seating style is flexible to suit all configurations.

The name “City Extra” came from a think tank. We looked at words that best described what we were trying to do. As we wanted it to be a 24 hour meeting place that was always busy we thought the word “City” best described this. People are drawn to cities, just as they are now to City Extra. We then looked for a second word to encapsulate the additional themes we were adding such as fresh bread and those wonderful smells, , all meals made from fresh ingredients on the premises daily, newspapers, flexible dining and never closed. We thought the word “Extra” best covered this, hence the name became “City Extra”.

City Extra Circular Quay opened a few weeks before the bicentenary celebrations in January 1988. This site caters for up to 15,000 people per week spread over the 24hour, 7 day period. You can drop in anytime for as little as a coffee to a full three course meal and watch the ferries glide under the Harbour Bridge.


We have developed our menu to follow dining demands. This was easy at the start. Any dish that did not pull its weight was removed at our quarterly reviews. Some 30 years later it is much harder. The menu has grown in size and everything you see printed sells well. How to choose what goes? We now try to rotate several items for seasonal reasons but still get complaints when we do. Keep your suggestions coming in!

To all our wonderful customers and staff, on behalf of the owners I would like to thank you for your support over the past 30 years. In particular I would like to thank the following long term employees who have been with us for up to 25 years – Mark, Anu, Brad, Matt, Rima, Natt, Therese, Anthony, Asad, Rick, Yazid, Manunur, Mickey, Michelle, Chris, Kirthi, Punj, Moyeenul, Angelo, Nick and Kathleen.

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Cafe, Restaurant, Function Centre all in one

Have you ever been caught out, its late you are in Circular Quay or the Rocks and you cannot find anything to eat?

Or, the lockout laws mean you cannot settle down for a nightcap? Well at City Extra we have everything you need.


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