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We want our follower numbers to reach new HEIGHTS

... and we are offering one lucky follower the chance to do the same

... plus we will also feed them.

We would love the opportunity to provide more people with news, updates and special offers for City Extra and surrounding venues.

But to do so we need more
Social Media followers.

This is where you come in...

All we ask is you follow us on one (or all) of these social media platforms

One lucky follower will be picked at random, and will receive.

1 x Double Pass to Climb the Harbour Bridge.

1 x $100 meal voucher at City Extra Circular Quay


A handful of random followers will each receive

1 x $100 meal voucher for City Extra Circular Quay

The more NEW FOLLOWERS we get, the more we give away.

It's Simple

Like, Follow or Share.

Every follow on each platform counts as an extra possible opportunity to receive one of the random rewards listed above.

Additional Information

  • All items above are not transferable for cash or any other financial consideration.
  • Organising your bridge climb is subject to availability, if you do receive the voucher please book in advance to guarantee your spot.
  • Your City Extra meal voucher is subject to seating availability, please let us know you are coming so we can ensure seating.
  • The Bridge Climb + meal voucher will be issued to a random follower, we have a number of social media followers in mind (it's not a massive number!) once we hit that number, we will randomly select a recipient.
  • The City Extra meal vouchers will be issued randomly throughout this campaign and perhaps beyond. So keep sharing, liking and following.
  • Ultimately this is about providing someone with a memorable experience that they will speak about for years. To the recipeints family and friends we apologise in advance, you will hear about it a lot, it will be loads of fun.

Thanks to Bridge Climb Sydney for the voucher, if you haven't followed them already across social media check them out.

Some amazing photos of Sydney Harbour from a perspective most of us never get to see. Well worth the follow.

You can also visit their website at